May 01, 2018 - Giovanni Valensisi

Renewables in Least Developed Countries: More arrows in the quiver?


Ensuring universal access to energy will constitute a major challenge for least developed countries. What are the key considerations that these countries should keep in mind as they deploy efforts towards meeting this objective?

March 08, 2018 - Stacy Corneau

Six key factors in formalizing artisanal and small-scale mining


Working in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM)—informal mining activities carried out using minimal technology or machinery—provides livelihoods for millions of people

January 29, 2018 - Simon Hess, Michelle Kovacevic

From hunting to harvesting: Zambia’s eco-friendly approach to beekeeping


Recognising that traditional honey harvesting damages the forest, Zambia’s rural communities are using modern beekeeping practices that value trees and produce better quality honey. 

December 20, 2015 -

Zambia: Trade and eco-friendly business solutions


Laystone, one of Zambia's many local beekeepers, is enthusiastic about the benefits of beekeeping to his livelihood and community. With up to twelve 20-liter buckets per month, his honey harvesting seasons have become very profitable.

November 17, 2015 -

Mali: Fighting to maintain the eco system balance and halt the advancing Sahara desert


Oumar isone of the 370,500 people in Mali producing gum arabic, among which 80% (296,400) are women.