20 December 2015

Trade and eco-friendly business solutions

by Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) / in News

Laystone, one of Zambia's many local beekeepers, is enthusiastic about the benefits of beekeeping to his livelihood and community.

With up to twelve 20-liter buckets per month, his honey harvesting seasons have become very profitable. But he is very worried about the trees being cut for charcoal production and hopes the Government will do something about it.

Together with the Government, the EIF and development partners are taking forward his plea, through developing eco-friendly business solutions for rural households, while assisting Laystone and other rural beekeepers to get more from bee keeping like producing artisanal candles, wine and beer.

I bought cattle, built a house, children go to school, I generate money from fertilizer from the bees… Honey helps me in my life because I do not buy sugar and it gives me a lot of energy... there are a lot of products which come from honey.

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