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8 August 2021
Benin’s potential in pineapples by Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) on Exposure
3 August 2021 - Deanna Ramsay
Where’s the money in shea? by Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) on Exposure
2 February 2021 - Deanna Ramsay
In Ethiopia, finding plenty in processing by Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) on Exposure
29 September 2020 - Michelle Kovacevic
Country's cross-border traders persevere despite COVID-19 challenges
26 August 2020 - Michelle Kovacevic
Like the Pacific, independence from colonialism is what kickstarted the development of Quality Infrastructure in the Caribbean.
18 September 2019 - Amelia Kyambadde Ratnakar Adhikari
Originally published by Thomson Reuters Foundation News on 11 September 2019
28 January 2019 - Deanna Ramsay
In countries where farming sustains families and economies, sustainable trade in agricultural products means everything
26 August 2018 - Deanna Ramsay
Targeting soy and groundnuts for export, the country and its farmers are seeing rewards
13 August 2018 - Deanna Ramsay
Three tiny, volcanic Indian Ocean islands are producing 60% of the world's supply of ylang-ylang
11 June 2018 - Deanna Ramsay
A journey from farmers’ fields to export markets
Vanuatu, a series of small islands surrounded by clear, blue water in the South Pacific, is a natural tourist attraction – and its economy depends heavily on the sector, which employs 55 percent of Vanuatu’s labor force and represents 65 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP).