21 September 2023 - Kudzai Makombe Paulin Zambelongo
The EIF supported Madagascar’s DTIS in 2003 as one of the first three Integrated Framework DTIS pilot countries, along with Cambodia and Mauritania.
19 August 2021
French-speaking Africa has a lot of potential for trade. Find out what sectors have the most promise.
4 May 2021 - Deanna Ramsay
Tourism, apparel and sustainable development strategies are covered in new series of policy briefs from the Enhanced Integrated Framework
30 June 2020 - Fabrice Lehmann
The collapse in trade provoked by the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the fragility of carefully constructed supply chains in the global fashion industry, and the asymmetries with which they are governed.
25 November 2019 - Sofie H. Flensborg
Well-managed trade in wild animals and plants can contribute to the conservation of the species.
8 October 2019 - Dale Honeck Susan Snyman
Solutions, pitfalls and priorities to stimulate ecotourism, preserve wildlife and develop, sustainably