19 September 2023 - Adeline Masson
Ethiopia's Minister of Trade and Regional Integration Gebremeskel Chala talks about Ethiopia's trade priorities, WTO accession and fostering positive African potential.
10 August 2023 - Farai Samhungu Peter Donelan
Since the start of the partnership between the Government of Ethiopia and the EIF and the establishment of the NIU, the EIF has supported Ethiopia in strengthening its institutional and productive capacity within trade-related sectors. These initiatives were targeted at addressing issues highlighted in the 2016 UN Conference on Trade and Development-led Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) Update.
9 November 2021 - Alexander Kasterine
Alexander Kasterine explores how climate change concerns are changing market requirements for developing country food exporters
4 February 2021 - Emeline Wuilbercq
Originally published by Thompson Reuters Foundation News on 22 December 2020
2 February 2021 - Deanna Ramsay
The quiet outside the nondescript warehouse belies what is happening inside. Machines whir, and halls and walls are piled high with filled sacks of sesame, of chickpeas, of mung beans.
5 January 2021 - Deanna Ramsay
Trainings in beekeeping and the provision of hives aims to create additional income sources for agriculturalists Beekeeping doesn’t come naturally, really. 
16 September 2020 - Deanna Ramsay
“Ethiopia has huge potential in honey if we increase our capacity in terms of some value addition of the honey products and identifying new markets. In terms of capacity in Africa, I think we are the leading country, so we can develop this as a new area to get export earnings,” said Mesgenu Arga Moach, State Minister of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade and Industry.
18 August 2020
Biruktawit Begashaw started her own export company, Qine Trading, five years ago in Addis Ababa. Her business got a boost after attending Gulfood in Dubai, sponsored through Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Enhanced Integrated Framework.
18 August 2020 - Deanna Ramsay
For a new business owner, one international trade fair got things rolling
14 May 2020
Tewodros Yilma of Alpha Trading in Ethiopia discusses his business processing and exporting agricultural products, the role of trade fairs and his plans for the future.
14 May 2020 - Deanna Ramsay
Finding new buyers and tapping new markets, harnessing agriculture’s potential
21 April 2020 - Deanna Ramsay
A roundup of recent news on the global pandemic, covering issues facing some of the world’s poorest countries – and what they are doing
24 March 2020 - Deanna Ramsay
A compendium of recent news on the global pandemic and what some of the world’s poorest countries are doing
New report delves into the trade data on agriculture on the continent, finding positive trends, points of concern and suggestions for the future
Representatives of the government, public and private institutions, donors and international organizations met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 23 to 24 February 2016