Uncertainties among major global trading partners and in the international rules-based trading system are generating a sense of growing instability in the world economy. New technologies are changing the employment landscape at a pace never seen, and we are at the beginning of historic revolutions from agriculture to digital payments, among others, with the potential for profound impacts on LDCs. With countries interconnected at multiple levels, including trade, migration and the natural resources sectors, the situation for LDCs is uncertain and challenging.

This plenary session gathered ministerial-level officials from LDCs and high-level speakers to discuss the integration of LDCs into regional and global trading systems amid economic and political risk and uncertainty. The session focussed on past, current, and likely future opportunities and challenges for strengthening the participation and presence of LDCs in global and regional trading systems. The discussion included the different roles of stakeholder groups and partnerships, and the alliances required for LDCs to integrate and benefit more fully from global trade.


  • Sean Doherty


  • Arancha González
  • Werikhe Michael Kafabusa
  • Patricia Scotland
  • Kamrang Tekreth


  • Joost Pauwelyn