Since beginning its partnership with the Government of the Union of Comoros in 2011, the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) has provided around USD 7.4 million in funding – a significant proportion of the total average of USD 40 million in Aid for Trade (AfT) from various partners between 2008 and 2019. The EIF also contributed to increased AfT from other development partners, helping to finance 18 priority areas identified by the Government's Medium-Term Plan for Trade Integration for Comoros (2012-2015) and within the framework of the island's Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2010-2014 (DSRP). This was achieved through a multi-donor roundtable organized by the Government through the NIU and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and with the support of France as the donor facilitator.
The EIF programme has been supporting Uganda since 2009. The collaboration aims to realize the country’s trade policy vision and help Uganda better integrate into the global economy. Improved trade capacity and performance, fostered by in-country development programmes such as that of the EIF, have undoubtedly supported Uganda’s ongoing economic achievements.
Since 2017, the EIF has focused on measures to support institutional capacity to integrate Mauritania into global trade. This has included improving coordination among agencies related to trade policy; mainstreaming trade into development strategies; implementing DTIS priorities; and strengthening dialogue and coordination between development partners through a National Trade Facilitation Committee. To deepen the economic reforms being undertaken by the Government of Mauritania, more than 780 public, private, and civil society officials were trained, with 68% of these being women.
5 Julho 2022
The Ministry of Tourism hosts the handicraft and Souvenir Development project, which is supported by the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF); with among other objectives being improving quality, standards and marketing tourism exports such as souvenirs to boost foreign exchange.
10 Novembro 2020
Cabo Verde é frequentemente descrito como um destino “fora do caminho batido”, seja o que for que exta expressão signifique.
23 Junho 2020
A COVID-19 provocou um declínio abrupto nos negócios dos operadores nas áreas protegidas, combinado com uma queda substancial nos futuros pedidos de reservas.
13 Dezembro 2017
O dia de Rosalie começa às 4 da manhã, amassando rolinhos de creme de coco com a filha mais velha para vender na loja comunitária local, a pouca distância da sua casa. Tal como acontece durante o resto do seu dia, começa com a colaboração. 
11 Novembro 2017 - Ratnakar Adhikari Joe Natuman
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