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Outubro 30, 2019

EIF covering environment, 4IR and global trade climate in new analyses



The Enhanced Integrated Framework’s Trade for Development News is launching a new series of articles focusing on three major trade conversations happening today.

The first article in the series is a conversation with Richard Baldwin, economics professor and author of The Globotics Upheaval and The Great Convergence. He discusses what he sees as the future of globalisation, which “will be about the things we do and not just the things we make.” With implications for the traditional development route of least developed countries (LDCs), shifts underway, for example in manufacturing to more automation, means fresh potential but also new sets of challenges.

With environmental threats and climate change critical global issues, Trade for Development News will be publishing a series of pieces that look at the consequences for LDCs. How could trade policies enable sustainable natural resources use in LDCs? How can LDCs build resilience to climate change impacts through trade? These questions and more will be asked and answered by experts in the fields of environment and trade policy.

And finally, with the world economy slowing and investment flows shifting, what does this mean for LDCs? EIF’s news platform will delve into our evolving global landscape, and continue to work toward solutions for the world’s poorest economies. 


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