Gambia getting more from cashews

The Gambia has been working across its supply chain to enhance trade in the country. With one focus on cashews, see how work is being done to support this essential industry from seedlings to export.

Film by EIF/Natasha Sweeney, 2018.

About the author

Natasha Sweeney is a a freelance photographer and videographer based in Nairobi, Kenya.

After earning a science degree at McGill University and doing a post-grad in Broadcast Journalism at Sheridan College in Toronto, she worked as a television producer and reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for ten years, winning several international awards for the documentaries she produced. ​

Moving to Kenya in 2010, she worked as a freelance videojournalist, producing, filming and editing for the CBC, ABC News, Radio Worldwide Netherlands, other international media organizations and independent documentary films.

Sweeney has travelled all over the world for work, filming and producing films in Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the UK, the US and Canada's Arctic.​

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