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Maio 14, 2019

What to expect from WTO's 2019 Global Review of Aid for Trade

See what lies ahead at the biennial Aid for Trade event in July 2019

Originally published on Devex on 11 March 2019.

The world’s least developed countries have the smallest share of the global trade market, but highest reliance on a small number of commodities to support their economic growth — a key topic on the agenda at the World Trade Organization’s Global Review of Aid for Trade in July.

The review, which will take place July 3-5 at WTO in Geneva, is set to highlight these growing challenges for less-developed countries in a climate of increased protectionism as it calls for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's Development Assistance Committee members to recommit to the aid for trade agenda.

“It is a reminder that so much has already been done but so much still needs to be done,” Ratnakar Adhikari, executive director of the Enhanced Integrated Framework Secretariat, told Devex. “And despite the fiscal squeeze facing a number of countries, it is important that the developed countries — especially DAC donors — continue to provide strong support to aid for trade.”

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Aid for Trade

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