Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2015
DTIS update N/A
WTO accession 1995

In Bangladesh, EIF is working with the government and the public and private sector to support the country's trade efforts and to enhance export competitiveness. The EIF partnership offers a platform for local officials and development partners to discuss trade, as well as providing a coordination forum to prioritize trade in policy and practice.

EIF is assisting to produce the analytical work necessary to support sectoral strategies, including in leather, fisheries and agriculture.

MOU 27/11/15
Budget 300'000
Date de fin 27/11/19
MOU 26/08/18
Budget 1'100'000
Date de fin 26/08/21
  • Bangladesh Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2005)

  • Bangladesh Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2011-2015)

  • Diagnostic Trade Integration Study: Toward New Sources of Competitiveness in Bangladesh (2016)

  • Bangladesh DTIS Action Matrix (2016)

  • Bangladesh DTIS Volume II 2016: Strengthening Competitiveness in Bangladesh — Thematic Assessment


Hafizur Rahman
NIU Coordinator (Director, WTO Cell, Ministry of Commerce)

Md. Munir Chowdhury
EIF Focal Point

Hang Tran
Country Coordinator