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Comoros: Trade and striving to end hunger and improve nutrition

To Ibrahim, a farmer father of ten in Comoros, vanilla is the key to securing his livelihood, improving his family's standard of living, nutrition needs and wider access to food and amenities.

Comoros is one of the world's main vanilla‑producing countries, with a strong reputation for quality. After vanilla's decline in 2011 to a mere 7%, from around 60% of total export earnings in 2005, EIF together with partners came together to support the country's vanilla sector, aimed at reversing the trend. With vanilla providing incomes for tens of thousands of farmers, harvesters, distillers, collectors, processors and exporters in the three islands that make up the Union of Comoros, including many living in poverty, the EIF project has joined forces with the Government of Comoros to end hunger and improve nutrition by providing crucial support to this sector.

The project aims to improve the competitiveness of vanilla, and increase its export status and positioning in quality niche markets, with specific branding and an internationally recognized label.

"Vanilla is our oil" says Ibrahim.

"I've been farming for the past 33 years and managed to meet all my family's needs. All my children know that they were fed and raised thanks to the vanilla farming."