Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2007
DTIS update N/A
WTO accession 2012

With the support of the EIF, Vanuatu successfully secured commitments of donors to the to Aid for Trade projects, particularly with the Governance for Growth Program, which funds key projects listed in the EIF Vanuatu logframe, notably the Trade Governance Act and related Trade legislation (e.g., competition law and policy). Targeted strategic support in the tourism sector has been provided with a strong emphasis on improved value chain addition, job creation and poverty reduction.

MOU 26/11/13
Budget 900'000
End date 31/12/19

EIF is working to develop and reinforce existing institutional capacities for the formulation and implementation of trade strategies and their incorporation into Vanuatu's development plans.


Participation in trade negotiations and international meetings has enhanced the capacity of the Department of External Trade at the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Trade Development Division (the NIF-NIU).

  • Institutional strengthening of the Trade Development Division through the EIF has enhanced the standing of the unit and the acceptance of its role as key coordinating agency on trade‑related matters.
  • A National Trade Fair was held in August 2015 to increase the visibility of local goods and services and to promote the launch of the Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure project (VTIP).
  • The Trade Policy Framework (TPF) has been established and the Trade Policy Framework Implementation Matrix (TPFIM) is updated at least three times a year at National Trade Development Committee (NTDC) meetings. The TPF and the TPIFM are strategic documents that attract considerable attention from donors for their ability to provide comprehensive updates on trade policy implementation and identify potential funding gaps.
  • An Australian grant of AUD700,000 under the Governance for Growth Program was approved in November 2015. The project components include support toward the beef value chain analysis, jointly with the 11th European Development Fund project, a trade-related legislations project, a tourism land zoning project, and a reform of the Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board (VCMB). 
MOU 25/07/15
Budget 3'150'000
End date 31/08/17

The VTIP aims to transform the seafront of Port Villa into a functional, safe and attractive area. The project is expected to contribute to a 36% increase in tourism arrivals by 2017, positively impact on job creation and reduce urban poverty. This is particularly important after the devastation caused by Cyclone Pam, which heavily impacted the Vanuatu economy in March 2015.

The project is also a major breakthrough in terms of Aid for Trade coordination and EIF capacity to leverage additional resources. A total of US$18.8 million was raised for the project. The Government of New Zealand contributed US$15,593,400, in addition to US$3,150,000 from the EIF Trust Fund and US$61,900 from the Government of Vanuatu.


  • The Port Villa Seafront Park will be linked with Fatumaru Bay via a pathway crossing mostly private property. A consensus among the involved parties was reached in November 2015.
  • Monthly stakeholder meetings are held at the seafront precinct to inform the general public and the business community of recent developments related to the project. These events allow stakeholders to directly interact with and pose questions to the contractor and the engineers.
  • A National Trade Fair was held in August 2015 which contributed to promoting the launching and ground-breaking ceremony of the VTIP.
  • The VTIP Technical Advisory Group endorsed a communications strategy which was launched at the same time as the VTIP project itself.
  • Integrated Framework for Least Developed Countries: Glimpses from Comoros, Lesotho, Maldvies and Vanuatu (2011)

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