Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2002
DTIS update 2013
WTO accession 1995

EIF is supporting Senegal to meet growth objectives in a sustainable and inclusive manner. Targeted strategic support involves a strong emphasis on value chain addition and trade facilitation, especially in the agro-industry.

The partnership works alongside International Commercial Negotiations (Négociations Commerciales Internationales), which defines Senegalese policies and ensures the implementation of the country's trade policy.

MOU 22/09/16
Budget 600'000
End date 01/10/18

EIF aims to support Senegal’s integration into the international trading system in order to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.


  • Supported Senegal in developing a plan for social and economic development as well as a Medium-term Plan that coordinates strategies for implementation between various stakeholders.
  • 79 people participated in a workshop about public‑private sector relations.
MOU 11/03/15
Budget 2'991'358
End date 31/12/18

Working to increase the contribution of the mango value chain to the socio-economic development of Senegal, EIF is training actors in the country's mango value chain to improve agricultural practices, and to update storage and processing facilities.


  • 567 participants (producers, companies, harvesters and transporters) attended 10 training sessions covering harvesting methods, quality norms and techniques to combat mango pests in July and August 2015.
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