Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2003
DTIS update 2017
WTO accession Ongoing

With the help of local stakeholders and development partners, the EIF is supporting Ethiopia in incorporating trade into the Growth and Transformation Plan. The purpose of mainstreaming trade into the national development strategy is to strength Ethiopia's participation in global and regional markets.

MOU 07/10/14
Budget 900'000
End date 31/12/18

The second phase of the Growth and Transformation Plan will run from 2016 to 2020 and identifies the following three goals:

    1. Ensuring the building of Change Forces of the Trade Sector and Improving Execution capacity;
    2. Establishing a Modern and Fair Trading System; and
    3. Enhancing foreign currency earnings through strengthening modern market promotion and linkage system.


    This project will help achieve these objectives and facilitate the country's efforts in poverty reduction and sustainable development.



    • Growth, industrialization and international trade integration are reflected in the Government’s Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) for 2016-2020. The main principles of this strategy are to:
    1.  to build extensive linkages between manufacturing industries and agriculture;
    2. focus on labour-intensive sectors to generate employment; and
    3. to concentrate government support on strategic sectors identified in the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update (DTISU).
    • A joint Ethiopia-Djibouti DTISU validation workshop with stakeholders conducted by UNCTAD was held in Addis Ababa on 11-12 May 2017. The workshop was officially broadcasted by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation and the local media.
    • Training workshop programmes have been organized on WTO matters, status of Ethiopia’s WTO accession, regional integration, bilateral negotiations, border trade and the EIF with the participation of participants from Gambela regional state institutions, the Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations and other private associations engaged in trade, industry and transport.
    • A study tour was conducted to Brazil, Thailand and the USA for export promotion activities by the Trade Minister, the State Minister, the National Steering Committee Chairman and the Director General for coffee and tea development and Marketing Authority, contributing to efforts to leverage additional funds for the sector development (Tier 2) projects in the pipeline.
    • A directive was approved to form a national office for WTO accession implementation and for regional integration, paving the way forward for Ethiopia's accession to the WTO and in fostering regional integration, supporting the successful implementation of the EIF programme in Ethiopia.
    • An awareness raising workshop was held in the city of Bahir Dar for most stakeholders including regional trade and industry bureau heads, as well as representatives from chambers and trade sectoral associations.


    • Window II Project Brief: Support to the establishment of an internationally recognized conformity assessment to enhance trade competitiveness

    • Window II Project Brief: Enhancement of Trade Negotiation Capacity

    • Window II Project Brief: Institutional Support for MTI & CC

    • Ethiopia Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Volume 2 2004

    • Ethiopia Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Volume 1 2004

    • Ethiopia Detailed Action Plan for the prioritized DTIS recommendations, 2004

    • Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2005-2009)

    • Ethiopia Annual Progress Report 2013

    • Ethiopia_DTIS_Vol.2_rev_29aug03.pdf

    • Ethiopia_IF_DTIS_ActionPlan.pdf

    • EthiopiaDTISFinal_Volume1.pdf

    • EthiopiaDTISFinal_Volume2.pdf

    • DTIS_Ethiopia_2016.pdf


    Yishak Tekaligne TAYE
    Director, Bilateral and Regional Trade Relation and Negotiation Directorate Focal Point to EIF Ministry of Trade Addis Ababa

    Mussie MINDAYE
    Multilateral Trade Relation and Negotiation Director Trade Relation and Negotiation Directorate General Ministry of Trade Addis Ababa

    Murjan Tekle METAFERIA
    Policy Division Head Policy and Law Ministry of Transport Addis Ababa

    Tewodros DERBEW YIMAM
    Coordinator Tourist Facilities Competence and Grading Directorate Ministry of Culture and Tourism Addis Ababa

    Foziya Mushaga NASSIR
    Project Preparation M&E Senior Expert Planning and Programming Directorate Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Addis Ababa

    Ephraim ZEWDIE
    Donor Facilitator, Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia

    Nuredin Mohammed
    EIF Ethiopia NIU Coordinator

    Mark Pearson
    Consultant to the Government of Ethiopia

    Geremew Ayalew
    Director, Trade Relation & Negotiation Dictorate, The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Trade

    Workneh Ayalew

    Azanaw Tadesse Abreha
    Minister Counsellor - Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the United Nations Office at Geneva & other International Organizations in Switzerland

    Jeroen Willems
    Head of Section - Economic and Social Development, Trade and Regional Integration - European Union - Delegation to Ethiopia

    European Delegation Ethiopia