Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2007
DTIS update 2015
WTO accession Ongoing

EIF is supporting Comoros to prioritize trade, and is working with the Government to address the country's trade-related needs. This includes instrumental support as Comoros progresses toward WTO accession, and in-country enhancements to enable private sector development.

The key agricultural sectors of vanilla, ylang-ylang and clove are being targeted for strengthening at the producer, processor and institutional levels.

MOU 04/06/14
Budget 600'000
End date 31/10/16

The project aims to develop and reinforce existing institutional capacities for the formulation and implementation of trade strategies and their incorporation into national development plans.


  • In partnership with the ITC, a training workshop was held with the private sector on how to advocate for private sector interests during the WTO accession process.
  • Provided training to the Association of women fish sellers covering drying and smoking techniques.
  • Supported the drafting of sectoral technical notes as part of the WTO accession process.
MOU 30/09/14
Budget 3'527'131
End date 31/10/18

The purpose of this project is to improve the competitiveness of three export sectors (vanilla, ylang-ylang and clove) through strengthening institutional and technical capacities of producers and exporters to play a more active role in the commercialization of their products on international markets.


  • 44 participants attended training on the creation and management of agriculture cooperatives.
  • 17 participants attended training on how to register cooperatives and companies in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • 100 producers and processors participants in a sensitization workshop on Grande Comore Island which covered the necessity of vanilla producers and processors to work together to maximize profit.
  • 5 pilot cooperatives for the vanilla, ylang-ylang and clove value chains were established and held their respective general assemblies in 2015.
  • An analytical report on the three values was completed and an upgrade plan was developed which covers production practices, product diversification, quality, packaging, etc.
  • Integrated Framework for Least Developed Countries: Glimpses from Comoros, Lesotho, Maldvies and Vanuatu (2011)

  • Comoros Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (2007)

  • Union of Comoros: Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy Paper (2010)

  • Comoros Annual Progress Report (2014)

  • Etude Diagnostique sur l’Intégration du Commerce en Union des Comores (EDIC / DTISU 2015-2019)

  • Mod’ Echo. Bulletin du Mouvement Des Entreprises Comoriennes. N°2 (SEPTEMBRE 2016)


Saïd Abdou Salime
Coordonnateur – UNMO UNMO – CIR Ministère de l’économie, du plan, de l’énergie, de l’industrie, de l’artisanat, du tourisme, des investissements, du secteur privé et des affaires foncières Moroni

Donor Facilitator, Embassy of France

Le Secrétaire Général du Ministère, Point Focal