Cabo Verde
Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2007
DTIS update 2013
WTO accession 2008

EIF is supporting Cabo Verde to incorporate trade-related strategies into its Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy Paper, in order to strengthen the country's participation in regional and global markets.

Specific training sessions have been held with a strong emphasis on quality standards and project development.

MOU 09/05/16
Budget 600'000
End date 31/12/18

EIF is working to increase exports in Cabo Verde by strengthening institutional capacities to create and implement national trade strategies and policies.


  • The Strategic Plan for Trade Development was validated at a national workshop in June 2015 after consultations with Government departments and private sector stakeholders. The strategy identified agriculture, tourism and creative industries as sectors for trade development to build Cabo Verde's productive capacity.
  • 105 women participated in an entrepreneurship meeting organized in partnership with Associação das Mulheres Empresárias de Santiago to promote small and micro enterprises.
  • 43 participants from the private and public sectors attended training sessions on product quality, standards, project development and management.
  • Ongoing support has been provided to the public sector to fully own the national trade agenda, including to the National Council of Trade and the National Trade Forum.
  • Trainings have been provided specifically to enhance private sector involvement in the national trade agenda through national outreach/consultations and industry‑specific education.
  • 39 SMEs were trained in labor laws, food safety and hygiene, which has helped to achieve higher standards in food management protocols.
  • Cabo Verde Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) (2009)

  • Cabo Verde Action Matrix (2009)

  • Cabo Verde Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update (DTISU) (2013)

  • Cabo Verde DTIS Update Action Matrix (2013)

  • Cabo Verde Annual Progress Report (2013)

  • Securing Sustained Impact: Implementing IPoA: The role of the EIF (2016)

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  • Cabo Verde DTIS Action Matrix (2013)

  • Cabo Verde DTISU (2013)

Óscar Monteiro Dos Reis Borges
Directeur Nationale Energie, Industrie et Commerce Direction Nationale Energie, Industrie et Commerce /MEE Ministere Economie et emploi/MEE Praia, Cabo Verde

Osmar Ferro
NIU Coordinator

Severine ARNAL
Donor Facilitator, Delegation of the European Union to Cabo Verde